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Dongguan prototype model Co. , Ltd-5-axis machining follow-up

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-04- 08 08: 14

The current country is developing at a high speed, and this is mainly based on the development of new products by enterprises, which have led to the development of the business chain. However, as long as it is a product that has just been developed, it will not be defective. The business people want to reduce the psychological loss, so there is a prototype model of the industry. The role of the prototype is great. It is essential for businessmen. So the competition in the prototype industry is also very fierce. However, under such fierce competition, a Dongguan prototype model Co. , Ltd. has survived for 17 years, that is, the extension model.

This Dongguan prototype model Co. , Ltd. relies on professional technology, responsible Team, regular size, and a very business-minded general. In fact, this is a very powerful company, the products produced are also well received by customers. Good service, good quality and responsible. Follow up the whole process, to which point will be reported to the customer at a time, so that the customer can rest assured. With complete equipment, large cnc equipment and five-axis machine, the accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm. There is also rapid prototyping technology 3D printing.

some time ago, a Miss Su heard a friend say that she was prototype in Dongguan city. model Co. , Ltd. has a prototype of the extension model that is not bad, so I came to the extension model and wanted to make a prototype of a medical device with a precision requirement of up to 0. 03mm. After listening to her request, I decided to use five-axis machining with high accuracy. Although the price may not be cheap, at least the processed effect is very good. In the production process, Miss Xin, the salesman, will report to the customer from time to time what step has been done, and will take a few photos to show Miss Su, so that the customer can rest assured. In terms of service, Miss Su summed up a sentence: I can rest assured that you serve!

So, in fact, there are many small factories in Dongguan prototype model Co. , Ltd. If you want to make an enterprise with good effect and good service, it is the only choice to choose the extension model! If you have any ideas, you can contact the customer service on the right side and wait for your call 24 hours a day!

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