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Foshan prototype factory-Offer a satisfactory plan

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-03- 14 14: 46

by searching on the internet for 'Mr Nguyen of a car company'Foshan prototype factory' First, I learned about it on tuowei's official website. I also saw that Mr. Ou, general manager of tuowei model, accepted the interview with Asian people and decided to contact customer service. I think this is a reliable prototype company, after contacting customer service, the contact information left behind was transferred to Huang Gong.

Huang Gong of Foshan prototype factory first gave a brief introduction to this customer the situation of the extension model company, the strength of the extension model is processed with cnc equipment, and the five-axis machine is used to make a high-precision prototype with an accuracy of up to 0. 01, and there are hundreds of members, 17 years of production experience. After introducing these, Mr. Zou showed Huang Gong a rough drawing and asked Huang Gong to say a reasonable plan.

Huang Gong of Foshan prototype factory has seen this approximate drawing, given this need to be processed with cnc equipment, because it is a large item, there is no high requirement for accuracy. After giving a general plan, Mr. Yan is also very satisfied, however, I was still a little hesitant. After Huang Gong saw it, he immediately took Mr. Yan to the workshop to visit and described the functions of these equipment in detail. After reading it, the customer was very satisfied, so he made a bill and made an advance payment.

can be seen in this salesman, if you want to choose a reliable Foshan prototype factory to cooperate, you can see that the company's strength is not strong first, and then you can see the salesman. Therefore, if you want to find a prototype factory to cooperate, you can look at the extension model. If you have any ideas, you can contact the customer service on the right side. Welcome to disturb!

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