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Fun games held by tuowei model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-09- 05 11: 34

Hi, I am Xiao Liu of Da tuowei! ! Every time Xiao Liu plays, he always has to say something to everyone! ! Today, Xiao Liu said that we held a fun sports meeting in datuowei last Saturday! !

yes, it's fun games! So how interesting is it? Have seen'Running male'And'Happy base camp' ~ We have run men in our game. 'Tear the card''Finger pressing plate','Happy base camp'Of'I said you did it'! Of course, there are some other games ~~

There are 12 groups who originally signed up for this sports meeting, however, due to the dedication of the family of Da Tuwei, there are 4 groups of people who are not present for work reasons! Only 8 groups of people came to the war!

Under the distribution of our beautiful sister, each staff member and the referee responsible for each game has a fierce game link!

WoW game is'Tug of War'And'400 relay' Several teams of players in the competition elected the captain to draw lots and draw 1-4. Pull the river and Draw 5-The 8 relay is 400.

PK is performed in each two groups, the winner enters the next round, and the failure is followed by PK until the remaining two groups enter the single group challenge. The single group challenge also has two items. One is the team skipping 10 times, the second is that the team chooses one person to challenge the single rope skipping for 150 a minute! The passing can also enter the next level!

2 groups of personnel were eliminated after a fierce round of PK!

The second, third, and fourth gears games are'Single-footed walking'And the finger pressure plate'I said you did it'And'Blindfolded balloon'! The two games are mainly tested by teamwork and brain power! There are also two groups left after a round of killing!

these two components are:'Youth Vitality team'And our CNC Department'Men's muscle team'! The latter PK game is'Tear the plate on the finger pressure plate'! As the name implies, everyone can tear off their shoes on the finger pressure plate! Compared with our men's team, our youth team is slightly inferior ~ After all, there are two girls, although they are all big legs and female men, but in front of these muscle men, Xiao Liu, I still pinch sweat for them ~~

congrats to our CNC Department'Men's muscle team'Win! Get a bonus of 1000 yuan! Our youth team is sorry to win the second place, but also got a bonus of 600 yuan! Third place is also in our office. 'Unlimited charm team'Get a bonus of 300 yuan!

Xiao Liu congratulated you here, every event is held without the cooperation and efforts of the staff behind the scenes. Xiao Liu is also here to applaud the staff of Da tuowei! Thank you!

Here, Xiao Liu wishes every customer who came to our Tuwei official website, friends work smoothly in 2017, getting better and better, laughing every day! !

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