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Fuyong precision prototype factory which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2018-10- 10 17: 16

week ago, Xiao Zhu, the customer service of tuowei model, received an inquiry from Miss Gong Mingzhu. Miss Zhu wanted to find a precision prototype manufacturer on the Internet, when he looked at the extension model address on the Internet next to the Fuyong Phoenix Oil station, he decided to visit the factory and examine the strength of the extension model and how much processing accuracy can be achieved?

at two o'clock P. M. , Miss Zhu came to the extension model as soon as she was concerned, at this time, the relevant business of tuowei model just finished the noon meeting and was in good spirits, so she took her to visit the workshop. When visiting the production workshop of tuowei model, Miss Zhu saw that tuowei model introduced the five-axis machine and knew that the company was strong. Under normal circumstances, the five-axis machine not only has a fast processing speed, but also has a high prototype accuracy, which can reach 0. 01mm, but it is also quite expensive, can not afford to buy a prototype factory. With this alone, it can be concluded that the extension model is a precision prototype factory with high processing accuracy.

after Miss Zhu visited the workshop of Tuwei model, I took out the relevant drawings of their company and then asked the extension model to quote. The price is slightly higher than the general prototype factory, but the prototype accuracy of the extension model can reach 0. 01mm, so it was acceptable, so Miss Zhu quickly placed an order and made an advance payment.

after a few days, Miss Zhu was not able to receive the prototype and was very satisfied with this. If you need to find a Fuyong precision prototype factory, look at the extension model, 0. The processing accuracy of 01mm can make you receive a satisfactory prototype.

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