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Hefei prototype factory with high precision

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-04- 25 16: 04

month ago, Miss Zhang contacted the extension model by searching for Hefei prototype factory. Their company has a new car accessory that needs to be developed, therefore, it is necessary to make a prototype to verify whether the structural design is reasonable, and then start the mold production. After the customer service Xiao Zhu wanted to contact Miss Zhang, he gave it to the business Huang Gong.

after preliminary communication, Huang Gong learned that Miss Zhang had also found other Hefei prototype factories before, however, the accuracy of the prototype factory is not very high, about 0. 1mm of the appearance did not meet their requirements. The results may be inaccurate during the test, and the delivery period is slow. Once rework occurs, the time will be delayed for a few days, miss Zhang wanted to find a prototype factory with fast delivery and high precision, and she contacted the extension model.

The customer chose CNC machining instead of vacuum re-molding, and the main concern was that the strength was not high enough, with this mood and cooperation with Hefei prototype factory. After the prototype is made, it is found that this choice is correct. Although the price will be a little higher, on the strength, the prototype of the complex mold is not the same as the CNC machining. If you want to find a prototype factory with high processing accuracy, look at the extension model.

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