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High-end prototype customization, select extension model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2018-03- 15 17: 31

at present, more and more enterprises are beginning to love high-end prototype customization because the competition in the market is very fierce at present,'In short supply' The era has passed. Now is an era of excess demand. If your product has no new ideas or outstanding functions, it is almost impossible to get attention in the market. As an essential part of new product development, prototype customization needs to be very cautious, otherwise it will affect the testing of new products.

looking for a professional manufacturer, customize to do the high-end prototype you want

as a high-end prototype manufacturer with 16 years of experience in prototyping, the needs of our customers are our pursuit. In terms of accuracy, the extension model is processed by a CNC machining center imported from Japan, and the machining accuracy can reach 0. 05mm, and experienced prototype master to Polish, this accuracy will naturally not be poor; From the appearance point of view, the us cto was hired as the technical director, and the International universal PANTONE color card and the US fuel injection technology were adopted, which not only communicated with customers conveniently, but also the appearance of the prototype was good; From the point of view of delivery, the extension model has 55 large CNC machining centers and more than 100 employees.

these two aluminum alloy prototypes are relatively difficult to process, not only are there many holes, more gears and more grooves. If you take the 3d drawings of this prototype to find the prototype factory to quote, 80% of the prototype factory will say that it can't be done. With high precision CNC machining and skilled prototyping technology, the extension model can easily make these two prototypes.

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