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High precision prototype factory hard to find? Look at this one

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2018-10- 01 19: 13

Miss Li has recently encountered difficulties and needs to make several sets of high-precision aluminum alloy prototypes to what extent? The accuracy requirement reaches 0. 01mm. Because the accuracy of this prototype is really too high, so many prototype factories can't do it. In desperation, she had to find a high-precision prototype manufacturer through the network, so she found the extension model.

after communication between Miss Li and Xiao Liu, the customer service of Tuwei model, the extension model has 55 large CNC machining centers, and some of them are five-axis machines. The machining accuracy can reach 0. 01mmm, able to process many prototypes that are difficult to do in the prototype factory, is a powerful high-precision prototype factory. Needless to say, Miss Li was still skeptical at the beginning. After the relevant customer service of tuowei model sent the corresponding pictures and processing videos to her, Miss Li signed the contract and paid the deposit.

after the production department receives the coordination of the order, the production began immediately and was processed with a five-axis machine. few days later, Miss Li received the aluminum alloy prototype sent by the Taowei model, saying that she was very satisfied and happy. And said that if you still need to do a high-precision prototype in the future, continue to do it for Tuowei, and there are few powerful high-precision prototype factories like this.

If you need to find a high-precision prototype manufacturer, we might as well look at the extension model with a processing accuracy of 0. 01mm, can make a difficult prototype, let you better verify the new product.

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