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How much plastic prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-11- 08 10: 59

Today, Mr. Bao of the clock at steady time found the extension model, and Mr. Bao wanted to customize the plastic clock prototype, because he was eager to know the quotation of the prototype model, as soon as you come up, how much is the plastic prototype model?

The business related to the extension model is very familiar with Mr. Bao's eagerness to know the price, and he also wants to tell Mr. Bao how much it costs to customize this plastic prototype model. However, the prototype model is not a standard part, but a non-standard customization, which is closely related to his material, accuracy, production process, size, etc. , and needs to be integrated to give an accurate price.

There is also the processing difficulty of the plastic prototype model, which is generally more difficult, the more working hours it takes to process it, and the large proportion of working hours. At present, the salary of a prototype master is about 40 yuan per hour, so the more complicated the prototype price will be under the same volume.

so the problem of how much money Mr. Bao's plastic prototype model can't be given immediately, it depends on the drawings and lists to be reviewed before the specific price can be given. This process usually takes half an hour.

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