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How prototype companies can shorten product lifecycle

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-02- 16: 03

customers want to customize on-demand products and services according to their needs, while consumer goods that want to thrive in this environment, companies such as medical equipment and automated vehicles need to meet these needs. So how does prototype do that? By shortening the life cycle of prototype model products, building market agility through high mixing, low yield product ratios through personalized and mass customization, and maintaining close contact with customers. How does the company achieve this? Digital Manufacturing of on-demand parts can solve this problem.

The life cycle of prototype model products is shrinking and new products are coming out (NPIs)Is growing. With the feedback from the instant market, the prototype company can master the physical products of the design improvement in a few days, and then quickly re-launch the product update to the market. It is not only a small change to the existing products, instead, new products are being developed and quickly brought to the market, and the on-demand supply chain supports this, and you can beat your competitors again and again.

Mass Customization and mass production, people need a customized personalized experience, but to do so, a quick response is needed. Take the medical industry as an example. The plastic surgery customized by the prototype company according to the personal situation has a child's teeth that need to be corrected or dropped, when customized through 3D printing, your dentist will immediately get the relevant dental correction back;

The third industry trend is around protection after you launch the product your supply chain. One way to form a responsive supply chain is to use the proportion of products with high mixing and low yield. If the market demand for a product line is reduced, then the prototype company can save management costs without having to store millions of SKUs. In another range of market volatility, if product demand surges, a responsive supply chain with low capacity can quickly run more parts to meet demand. It's like you have virtual inventory of parts that can help significantly reduce the overall supply chain risk and cost.

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