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How to choose the right processing method

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2017-09- 01 16: 43

There are many ways to process the prototype model, but the common ones are cnc machining, 3d printing and silicone compound molding. Although these methods can make prototypes, there are still great differences between them. When making prototypes, if you don't choose the correct processing method, it will not only waste money, and the effect may not be very satisfactory. Let's introduce how to choose the appropriate processing method?

cnc machining: CNC machining is done with cnc machine tools with a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic and even wood, other prototype processing methods will be limited by materials. More importantly, the accuracy of cnc prototypes is very high, usually at 0. 1 ~ 0. Between 05mm. Moreover, the surface quality of the CNC prototype is high, especially after its surface spraying and silk screen printing, even more glorious than the products produced after opening the mold. Because the cost of the CNC prototype model is based on the cost of materials, CNC hours, and surface treatment, the prototype with a small size and complex structure is more expensive to process with cnc, such prototypes generally adopt sla.

3d printing: the principle of discrete/stacking molding is adopted. it simplifies a very complex three-dimensional manufacturing process to a superposition of two-dimensional processes, which can realize the processing of any complex shape part. The more complex the parts can show the superiority of 3d printing technology. However, this processing method is charged by weight, so it is not cost-effective to use 3d printing for large prototypes, and the size of 3d printing is also limited.

This video is a 3d printing prototyping process

silicone compound mold: first make a set of silicone molds, then cast liquid into the mold, and then remove the liquid after cooling. The advantage is that the time is fast, the cost is small, and the processing failure rate is small. silicone mold can make about 20 pieces of the same product, 50 ~ The 1000 prototypes are a cost-effective way to do this. Silicone Mold can make materials of products: ABS, PC, PP, PA, soft rubber, transparent samples.

The above describes the processing features of cnc machining, 3d printing and silicone compound molding, respectively. , I believe that after you understand this, you will be able to choose the right way to process the prototype.

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