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How to communicate with customers in Shenzhen prototype factory business

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-12- 27 15: 24

communication is never an easy task because the work of the business is not simple. Every step of a project, from size, price, process to confirmation of the production process, is testing business and production and customer integrity. As the business of Shenzhen prototype factory, how should we communicate with customers when selling? Let me tell you the following!

when you are busy with work, there are more things, many things are often overlooked or even forgotten. As the business of Shenzhen prototype factory, it is often necessary to communicate with customers, communicate with production, and communicate with manual Masters, which is equivalent to a communicator. Once you neglect which problem, it will affect the progress of the following products, which will seriously lead to product delay or rework. Therefore, the business is a very important position in the process of product development, this means that the communication and understanding of the business does not allow errors and needs to convey the meaning of the customer to the production department. How should the business ensure that there is no problem with its own transmission?

First of all, the business of Shenzhen prototype factory has to take all the meanings of customers. in mind, write the key points on the book. Before doing it or assembling it, take photos and confirm with the customer in time for comments. You can use the alarm clock or label book to list what you need to do in a day, and you can do it first and ensure that it is correct. All of this is the premise that the customer's products are completed as their own products, and the customers are anxious and worried about the customers. Everything can always be done with care.

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