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How to distinguish between pc and acrylic prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-01- 12 11: 47

both PC and acrylic are two common materials for transparent prototypes, and the prototypes made by these two materials are very transparent, it is difficult for people who don't understand what kind of material is used to make a prototype. As an old driver in the prototype industry, the following extension model will introduce you to the difference between pc and acrylic prototypes.

distinguish pc and acrylic prototypes. Acrylic looks at the light, there will be a little yellow, acrylic is harder than PC; The PC will have a little purple in the light, and the PC is more flexible. If the customer wants to make a functional model, but the inquiry says acrylic, at this time we have to tell the customer that the functional model should be made with PC and the visual model with acrylic, so that the customer can understand the difference between acrylic and PC.

fumigation to heat the water to water vapor, put PC fumigation when water vapor comes out, so the PC will become transparent. Electroplating, the material should be conductive, such as ABS, there is only one color in the electroplating process, and water plating can be used in many colors. There are three kinds of oxidation and oxidation materials: water, electricity and aluminum. Before oxidation treatment, we need to use chemical and physical methods to carry out the necessary cleaning of the surface of the product, so that it can expose the pure metal matrix to facilitate the smooth progress of oxidation coloring, in this way, the artificial film with strong bonding with the matrix, color and thickness meet the requirements and has good performance such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance and Hou resistance.

The above is the difference between PC and acrylic prototype, hoping to help you.

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