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How to do a good job in Shenzhen prototype processing factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-01- 19 11: 47

as a foreign trade salesman of Shenzhen prototype processing factory, it is actually a very challenging job. It not only requires the salesman to follow up the project in time, and keep the communication and contact with the customer at any time, but also face the problem of jet lag. If you can digest this work well, it will be a harvest in your life. Many people feel that it is difficult to insist on doing foreign trade and difficult to clinch a deal. In fact, foreign customers really pay attention to friendship and are easily moved, it's just that our Chinese salesmen have not turned their domestic sales thinking into foreign customers. Let's take an example of my last time to make a simple explanation of this.

as we all know, the foreign trade business of Shenzhen prototype processing factory, in addition to the professional skills they have, it is important to adhere to and be enthusiastic and have positive energy. There are also many foreign trade students around them, but they are doing it soon. The Great reason is to say' It's hard to do, can't pick up the order, can't earn money'Wait. In fact, on the contrary, I don't think they can stick to it for three months. No matter what kind of work they do, if they are not good at self-reflection, and then find problems from their own reasons to solve them, there must be no result. Secondly, according to my data survey, 70% of China's businesses are afraid of calling customers or receiving customers, not because they are not professional enough and their English level is not good. They don't have the courage to open up, so they have always been talking about business in the traditional way, so they have always shown the effect of the death cycle.

I think this is an opportunity for our Shenzhen prototype processing plant, I have tried to call a lot of customers. The customer's response is better than the mail. Take one of my UK customers. When I received his inquiry, it was more than 9: 00 in the evening, the customer just went to work, so the customer sent a print of 200 pieces of inquiry. After receiving it, I immediately replied to the customer, and the customer immediately replied to me. After that, I will go to the quotation, however, our side is in the evening. What should I do? So I called the project manager immediately to explain the situation. The project manager said that I would send him a screenshot of the size and he could quote it, so I immediately put on my clothes and went back to the company to open it with JD and finally quoted it. Of course, in order to let the customer feel my efforts, I called him and said that I am now at 10: 00 in the evening, but because I know that the customer's project is urgent, I specially handled his quotation. This said that the customer was really moved and told me to pay attention to safety when I came home from work. Then I talked about a payment link. For a whole night, the opportunity was left on the lucky ones. If I wait until tomorrow to quote, I believe the customer will send a lot of quotations, the equivalent of 10 people is a piece of fat.

so I think the opportunity is to be fought for by myself, every minute is money, every minute is an opportunity. The foreign trade business of Shenzhen prototype processing factory can create more miracles and possibilities only by continuous efforts.

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