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How to find a professional prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2017-09- 01 22: 23

under normal circumstances, if you need to make a prototype, you will find a professional prototype factory. Such manufacturers are more reliable, the accuracy and appearance of the prototype can be guaranteed. But there are so many prototype factories in China, how to find a suitable one. You may search for related keywords on Baidu or Alibaba, such as'Professional prototype factory'Then talk to the customer service of these companies. This is only one of the methods, but the better one is to conduct field visits. When you go to a prototype factory, you should examine the equipment and experience.

A Professional prototype factory, the number of equipment should be relatively large. If the equipment is too small, once you encounter large orders or too many orders, you will not be busy, thus affecting the delivery date of the prototype, in turn, it will affect whether you can take the prototype to the exhibition on time.

Secondly, a professional prototype factory should have years of experience in prototyping. A prototype factory just established and a prototype factory with more than 10 years of experience, you will definitely choose the latter to do the prototype, so that you can rest assured that there will be no big problems in quality. By means of field visits, I believe you can find a professional prototype factory.

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