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How to find a professional prototype factory in Shanghai

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-07- 13 09: 51

In the normal product development stage, the prototype is an important link in evaluating the production process and product profit in the middle and late stages of the product, can help you quickly develop new products and take the initiative in the market. So how to find a professional prototype factory?

On-site visit and inspection is very good to judge the quality of Shanghai prototype factory method. If you want to know the strength of a prototype factory, go to the manufacturer to visit and inspect it. From the processing equipment, assembly workshop and environment of the processing factory, the quality of the prototype product can be checked on the spot, no false information exists. This is also an effective measure to promote cooperation between the two sides, and they will be more at ease.

Shanghai prototype factory has 55 CNC machining equipment, the technical team of more than one hundred people, the prototype master with an average of 8 years of work experience, the prototype is processed according to the drawings, the whole process is followed up by special personnel, the quality is guaranteed, and the appearance is exquisite. If you need a custom prototype, you are welcome to visit the extension model in person. Face-to-face communication will make you feel more at ease. Both the quality of the prototype and the service extension can provide a satisfactory answer. Look forward to your arrival.

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