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How to Make a 3D Face Out of Paper

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Size paper face can be used as a mask, part of a school project, or room decoration.
They are simple to make and eco-friendly
Friendly because the process recycles the paper that would have been thrown away.
This is a good manual project for children as it does not require any tools or special skills.
The only skill you need for this craft is the ability to get a little confusing, so you may want to put the newspaper in your work area before you start.
Tear the newspaper into 1-inch by 1-
Use your hands in inches.
Put the pieces of the newspaper into a bowl and fill the bowl with warm water.
Let the paper soak for three to four hours, or until the paper is very soft, it can be crushed into pulp between the index finger and the thumb.
Pour the paper into the colander, then put it back into the bowl and drain the water.
Add a cup of warm water and a cup of white flour to the paper.
Use your hand and put flour and water on paper.
Paper should be broken down, combined with water and flour to make doughlike substance.
If the mixture looks too dry, add a little water and then add some more.
Again, if the mixture looks a bit wet, add a little bit of flour and add some more.
Keep experimenting until you get smooth, nogooey dough.
Take a paper ball about the size of grapefruit and put it on a piece of cardboard.
Spread it out with your hand until it\'s like a flat oval about inch thick.
Pinch the center of the Oval with your index finger and thumb.
This will create two holes.
External areas of the eye and nose beam. Take a walnut-
Remove the size dough from the bowl and roll between the index finger and thumb until it becomes a cylinder.
Stick it to the end of the bridge of the nose.
Poke two nostrils at the end of the cylinder with a pencil.
This will not only create nostrils, but also make the nose look more authentic.
Two more walnuts.
Roll the dough of the size into a cylinder.
Put them where the lips should be under the nose.
Pinch the end of the cylinder together to connect the lips.
Gently press the cylinder with the finger pad to flatten the lips.
This will stick them on the mask to make them look more beautiful.
Roll two more walnuts.
Cut the size dough into balls.
Put them in the hollowed eye area.
Use the finger pad to push the dough \"skin\" around the eye and around the eye.
Scrape the eyebrows to the area above the eyes with a sharp stick or old ink pen.
Let the surface of the 3D paper dry.
Depending on the humidity and heat in your area, this can take a few days.
When it is hard and dry, you can paint and decorate it in any way you want.
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