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How to make plastic prototype parts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-11- 01 16: 51

plastic prototype is a common prototype in the prototype industry, in terms of 16 years of prototype experience in the extension model, plastic prototypes account for about 60% of all prototypes, and their production materials mainly include ABS, PC, MMA and PU ( In addition to this, POM, PP, PA, etc). So how is it made? The plastic prototype parts mainly include CNC machining, 3d printing and fully automatic vacuum re-molding. Here is an introduction for you.

CNC machining

customer to 3D figure ( If you don't have a 3D drawing, CAD can also be used) The prototype factory imports your drawing file into the computer on a plastic board ( It may be a thick ABS board, or a PP board, selected according to the material used in your product) Do engraving and cutting, that is, carve out the shape of your product on the board, remove the unwanted part, and leave the part to form the shape of the product.

3d printing

UV light under computer control, according to the program written in advance, the gradual layer scanning is superimposed and solidified, which is very close to the design drawing file, with high accuracy and fast single room speed. SLA saves labor and is easy to program, but the machine is expensive, the cost is high, and the material is brittle and tough. The efficiency of one SLA is equivalent to the efficiency of three CNC machines.

vacuum complex

Using the original model, the silicone mold is made in a vacuum state, and then the silicone mold is reused for batch copying. If the customer requires several or dozens of sets, it is suitable for this method, which greatly reduces the cost. The processing principle of low pressure perfusion is similar to that of vacuum re-molding, but this method is used to process large plastic prototypes, such as bumper prototypes.

The above is introduced to you CNC machining, 3d printing and prototype production of vacuum re-molded plastic parts, hope to help you.

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