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How to select a powerful prototype factory in Wuhan

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-07- 24 11: 36

we all know that many new products need to be customized before they go public to test the feasibility of the product. If the product is to be used normally, the prototype model should be customized, it is necessary to make good use of it first, so it is very critical to select a powerful Wuhan prototype factory.

due to price factors, many customers choose to cooperate with small and medium-sized Wuhan prototype factory. As a result, the prototype accuracy produced by the prototype factory is not high enough, resulting in the production progress of new products being blocked, and the cost of time and money has been greatly improved, and the risk of default compensation due to failure to complete customer orders on time. Many customers have found the extension model through searching for relevant information on the internet. They know that the extension has 55 high-precision CNC machining equipment, more than 100 members, and more than 60 prototype Masters, the average working experience is more than 8 years, so these customers say they want to cooperate with the extension model.

Wuhan prototype factory will be assigned after receiving the customer's prototype processing order the master of the production workshop worked overtime for production and processing, delivery is carried out within the promised time, with good quality and quantity. Therefore, it is too critical to select a powerful prototype factory.

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