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Jiangsu prototype-High quality prototype you want

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-03- Hello everyone, there are many prototype manufacturers all over the country. At present, logistics is also more convenient. Some customers will choose some regular manufacturers from other places to cooperate. This is the customer who has some hard indicators on the quality, like the customer who made the Jiangsu prototype a few days ago. In the nearest manufacturer is not satisfied, so they search the Internet.

looking for high-precision prototype manufacturers through the network, looking at the information of the extension model, we asked to check the related products made to see how the effect is. The picture is also satisfactory after it is sent to the customer, but the price is convenient for the customer to say that it is a little higher than the Jiangsu prototype manufacturer. But cooperation is acceptable if cheaper.

It is very good to see the first meeting with the Jiangsu prototype production customer, and it is also very recognized for the extension model. The project manager applied for a price change. Satisfied the customer's requirements, let it be very happy to agree to the cooperation, like this kind of customer extension model will often meet but will feel the benefits after a cooperation. Only then chose the long-term cooperation to become the old customer.

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