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Judge temporarily blocks posting of blueprints for 3D printed guns hours before they were to be published

by:Tuowei     2019-08-09
What happened to the sharing of 3d Systems (NYSE: DDD)plunged 24.
On Wednesday, 3d printer manufacturers first reported 8%-
2019 quarter results. As of 1:40 p. m.
EDT, the stock price rebounded slightly, but still fell 20. 3%.
As a result, quarterly revenue fell 8% to $0. 152 billion, with net losses rising from $21 million to $24.
4 million, or $0. 22 per share.
On the basis of the adjustment, pull out-
Time item, loss increased from $0.
$03 to $0 a year ago.
Q1 09 per share.
Image Source: Getty Images.
Analysts expect $164.
Revenues were $7 million and losses were $0.
$01 per share, so the results are far from Wall Street\'s expectations.
Now, a lot of orders placed at discounted prices hurt the results, but so did the hard transition to a metal printer.
The 3D system expects metal printers to be a growing market in addition to the existing plastic printing, but this has not yet proved to be a profitable move.
As a result, management has taken more costscutting --
Another sign is that the business of the 3D printing company did not meet expectations at all.
Mothium has no position in any of the above shares.
Fool\'s suggested 3D system.
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