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life a little less 2d

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
Forget your understanding of traditional printing and start thinking about threedimensionally.
3D printing, once considered niche, is now becoming more and more mainstream.
For example, UPS has just expanded its 3D printing service across the United States to meet demand.
But people at Bre Pettis and Stratasys are working to bring 3D printing to your home.
Pettis is a cooperative company.
The founder of Makerbot, which pioneered 3D printers for consumers.
Now at Makerbot\'s parent company, he is part of an innovation workshop called Bold Machines.
\"We are exploring the possible frontier,\" Pettis said . \".
\"Imagine the workshop of Iron Man.
We have all the 3D printers in the Stratasys series-from Makerbots to wax printers-they make wax 3D models and then you can go into the foundry to make beautiful custom jewelry.
So how does it work?
It starts with digital images that can be created using computer modeling software.
You can connect this image to a 3D printer that is extracted, analyzed, and printed layer by layer in physical form.
3D printers can use a variety of different types of liquid concentrations, such as plastic, rubber and even metal, instead of using inkjet nozzles like traditional printers.
These will be melted into any shape or design you want.
\"In many ways, it\'s about bringing a factory-rather than going shopping to buy what the factory produces-the factory is on your desktop, you can make things right in your own home, says Pettis.
\"We put a lot of time, effort and money into making the Makerbot 3D printer easy to use and friendly.
His team did not stop there.
They are currently creating a feature-
Film based on the length of characters printed through a bold machine. (
You can even download and print your own 3D copy).
The film, called Marge, tells about the adventures of a young detective who found her parents\' lab full of cool crimes --fighting tools.
Take a look at the video above and hear how petis wants to change a 3D character in the film industry at a time.
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