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Looking for a prototype proofing manufacturer, you can't ignore the secrecy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2018-11- 05 16: 19

two months ago, Miss Li of Dongguan contacted the extension model and needed prototype proofing. Her requirements were stricter, not only is the processing accuracy of the prototype high, but also requires strict secrecy and no disclosure of relevant information about the drawings.

learned through short communication between customer service and Miss Li, originally, Miss Li also found a local prototype proofing factory before, and the processing accuracy of the prototype is also good, but because the prototype supplier does not pay attention to secrecy, it is easy to cause the leakage of drawings. After the customer sends them the drawings, if he can't process them, he will send them to multiple suppliers and not sign a confidential agreement with them.

The customer service of the extension model told Miss Li that, during the prototype proofing, the relevant business of the extension model will sign a confidential agreement with the customer, and the computer also has a confidential software installed on it. After the general customer sends the drawings, they will be locked, it can only be opened after unlocking through the relevant project manager, which can effectively protect the customer's intellectual property rights.

If you are proofing the prototype, if you want to find a prototype manufacturer with strict secrecy, you might as well look at the extension model and won't let you down.

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