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Plastic prototype manufacturer-Processing range up to 2000

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-01- 08 18: 03

with the advent of the Internet age, many customers are looking for prototype factories online, just like Mr. Zhu who searched online some time ago. ' Shenzhen plastic prototype manufacturer' I found the extension model. They originally found a local supplier in Suzhou to do it, but because the size of the product that Mr. Zhu wants to do is relatively large, and at the same time, it is required to be completely produced, I contacted the online customer service of the extension model. After the customer service Xiao Zhu wanted to go to his contact information, he transferred it to the business Cao Gong.

In the process of business Cao Gong communicating with customers, I learned that the cnc machining trip of the local supplier before the customer is relatively small, almost 800- 1000mm, can't do too much, so find a Shenzhen plastic prototype manufacturer with an 18-year prototype experience processing itinerary of 2000mm-- Tuowei model and sent the drawings to the manager. After accurate evaluation by engineers and CTO in the United States, the customer was given a detailed quotation. The customer felt very good and placed an order.

few days later, when Mr. Zhu received the prototype of the extension model, and gave positive feedback and evaluation, looking for Shenzhen plastic prototype manufacturer, you can look at the extension model.

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