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Plastic prototype processing factory approved by BYD

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2018-09- 11 17: 15

among various prototype models, plastic prototypes are more customized, accounting for more than 60%. When making a plastic prototype, be sure to choose a powerful prototype processing factory and have cooperated with large companies. The model is such a prototype manufacturer that has been recognized by BYD.

The cooperation between the Tuowei model and BYD dates back to several years when BYD was going to make several sets of car bumper prototypes, so I found several prototype factories to quote, and there are three suppliers that BYD intends to cooperate with, including the extension model. The other two offers are 11000 and 9000 respectively, while the price of the extension prototype model is only 8800. In terms of price, the extension model is only a little lower than the other two, and does not account for much advantage. Therefore, BYD's purchase is a bit uncertain.

later, Mr. ou Guojun, general manager of tuowei model, took the sales director and the us cto to BYD, and provided the bumper prototype solution to BYD's senior management. More importantly, they learned that the Tuowei model hired the us cto and introduced the US fuel injection technology to make the prototype surface more exquisite, the extension model is more different. In the case of the price difference between the three prototype processing plants, the extension model is selected.

The figure shows that the extension model talks with BYD's senior management

as a professional plastic prototype factory, the extension model knows more about cherishing the development results of customers, and knows more about the designer's good intentions and advanced creativity, in order to make a prototype model that can fully reflect the design concept with faster efficiency and more perfect quality. If you have customized requirements for plastic prototypes, you can contact online customer service on the right side of our webpage or call: 13510327550, we are at your service at any time!

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