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POM prototype material

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
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detail the pom prototype material:

In the prototype model, POM material is also called Sai gang, which is used for POM (Saigang)How much does the material know? The following extension model will learn POM materials with you!

POM material has black and white color, is a kind of sheet material with complete specifications, Bar material, its density is 1. 42, the long-term temperature resistance is 100 degrees, generally-Use between 40 degrees and 100 degrees. Shao's D hardness is 85 degrees non-stick glue, which is easy to deform. The prototype processed with this material is generally not disassembled, and if it is disassembled, it can only be made into screws or pillars, but one method is generally not recommended.

POM has good properties and features. First of all, it has excellent mechanical properties, tensile strength, impact strength, creep resistance, wear resistance and lubrication, good tolerance, oil resistance, weak resistance, weak alkali and other properties, commonly used in structural parts with strength requirements such as gears, processing mechanical parts, internal structural parts, precision Equipment products and other density. Resistant to organic solvents, different at normal temperature, dissolution, low temperature addition, high rigid mechanical strength and strength, good cutting processing type, surface can be polished, sandblasted, polished, etc.

POM materials also have their own shortcomings. The disadvantage is that they are not resistant to strong acids, especially minerals, UV and self-extinguishing, can not near fire and impact resistance.

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