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Prototype Enterprise-High cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-06- 27 11: 55

Since enterprises generally have high requirements for the accuracy of prototypes for developed products, in the case of prototype processing, most customers choose a powerful prototype Enterprise. The prototype model made in this prototype factory has high accuracy and exquisite appearance, which will become more accurate when checking and verifying new products.

Mr. Luo of Changsha needs to make a prototype model, at that time, I found a prototype Enterprise with a lower price than that, so I asked him to do it. The prototype accuracy caused by the results is not high, and the appearance effect is not very good. However, the manufacturer's repeated evasion of responsibility, delayed and delayed, refused to help rework, and missed a good plan for product production, which made Mr. Luo very annoyed.

after searching'Prototype Enterprise'The extension model was found. Today's mistake is not necessarily to achieve the future, to eat a cut, a long wisdom. After comparing several strength prototypes, he felt that the quality and service of the extension model was very good and chose to cooperate with it. week later, Mr. Luo received the prototype sent by Tuowei, not only with high precision, but also with exquisite appearance. In the future, we will also make prototypes and make it clear that we should cooperate with the extension model.

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