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Prototype factory for aluminum alloy shell, 40% of customers from the introduction

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-10- 06 14: 27

Many people will have concerns when customizing the aluminum alloy shell prototype on the Internet. After all, they have not visited the field, I don't know if the strength of the prototype factory is as awesome as the Internet said. However, after the introduction of friends, the trust will be much higher. Mr. Wu from Changsha was introduced by friends and found the Fuyong prototype factory--Extension model.

The prototype of the aluminum alloy shell customized by the local manufacturer before Mr. Wu was extremely not ideal, the prototype accuracy is not high, and even a lot of wool edges appear. Mr. Wu is also very upset. How can it be so troublesome to find a high-precision aluminum alloy shell prototype factory. In order to win Mr. Wu's trust, the relevant customer service of tuowei model told him that the company used a 5-axis machine for processing, and the accuracy could reach 0. 01mm, and even sent him some relevant videos and samples machined from the 5 axis. Since it was introduced by a friend, Mr. Wu did not say anything about placing an order directly. week later, Mr. Wu and the relevant person in charge of the Tuwei model responded that the aluminum alloy shell prototype received was indeed High in accuracy.

Customer satisfaction is the direction of the efforts of the extension model, if you also need to make a high-precision aluminum alloy shell prototype, you might as well look at the extension model. 40% of the customers are from the introduction, and the accuracy of the prototype is natural.

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