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Prototype factory in Guangzhou-Perfect your new product

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-07- 08 15: 06

Miss Liu is a procurement of a technology company in Guangzhou, mainly to do some technology products! This time, their company has developed a very important product that needs to be made by suppliers. However, the Guangzhou prototype factory that has been cooperating for a long time has gone more than half of the internal technical personnel, resulting in the prototype no longer meeting the requirements of Miss Xu company!

Miss Liu needs to make a structural prototype in half and a finished prototype in half. Therefore, the accuracy requirements are higher! Miss Liu searched the internetPrototype factory in Guangzhou' Several companies have been found, including the extension model! Miss Liu changed to see the factory after chatting with other manufacturers. But Miss Liu is not satisfied! Because manufacturers like to brag about how good their technology is, it makes people feel very fake! When it was tuowei's turn, Miss Liu was very interested!

Miss Liu came to the extension model in a few days. Chen Gong, the salesman of Guangzhou prototype factory, received the miss very warmly! After that, I took Miss Xu to see the factory, visited the way of making pieces, what problems will be encountered during production, and so on! Miss Liu's question will also be answered in detail. After the visit, Miss Liu was very satisfied. At least the salesman did not say something unrealistic to the customer because she wanted to win the customer! So Miss Xu placed an order.

after a few days, Miss Liu told the salesman of Guangzhou prototype factory the structural prototype made by the extension model is really great, the accuracy is just suitable for the experiment, and it has only been done a few times to further improve the original imperfect products. So I made another prototype of the finished product! It is with the trust of Miss Liu that tuowei model will let her place an order again!

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