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Prototype factory in Zhuhai-High cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-07- 15 11: 48

The prototype is generally made to experiment with the product. There is a lot of use! So the production of prototype model is a very critical part! No one is stupid enough to choose to open the mold directly in order to save thousands to 20 thousands or 30 thousands of money! Therefore, it is precisely because of the importance of prototypes that it has become a hurdle to find a regular Zhuhai prototype factory!

Why is it a hurdle? Because it is not so easy to choose a regular Zhuhai prototype factory! Many people choose small manufacturers because of the low price of some manufacturers! If the customer has strict requirements for the prototype, or the accuracy requirements, the small manufacturers must not be able to meet the requirements of the customer! Most of the processing equipment used by small manufacturers is second-hand! Therefore, the processing accuracy and the post-processing of the prototype can not meet the customer's requirements!

but there are different manufacturers called tuowei models! The processing process is perfect, and the equipment will be introduced every few years! And the post-processing of the prototype is awesome! There are several rooms in the post-processing room, each with at least a dozen or twenty people! So the post-processing team of the extension model is very powerful! As a prototype factory in Zhuhai with 18 years of operation, the technology is also constantly improving!

Some people also feel that the quotation of the extension model is somewhat expensive! In fact, this is because the prototype of the extension model is not the same as the quality of the general manufacturer! It was calculated after layers of consideration! If you are not at ease with Zhuhai prototype factory, you can conduct a field trip!

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