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Prototype factory of aluminum alloy-The processing accuracy is positive and negative. 02mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-08- 15 11: 16

The role of the prototype model is very much! So many entrepreneurs will look for suppliers every other time! However, some people will find long-term suppliers and have a purchase of aluminum alloy prototype factory some time ago!

This purchaser is Mr. Xiang, the purchasing manager of an enterprise, need to find a long-term supplier! It was originally a prototype manufacturer of aluminum alloy! However, I learned from my friends that the quality of this prototype factory is not good, and the cost is particularly expensive! So I gave up the manufacturer! After that, I introduced him to my friend that the prototype made by tuowei model company is very good! So I contacted Mr. Tuowei's customer service model! After that, the salesman will dock!

after the segment work, many extension models were sent to Mr. samples of aluminum alloy made before and pictures of other styles. After that, I asked some questions to Mr. , and the Duan Gong also answered them one by one. After that, I asked Mr. for a brief introduction to the extension model ppt! I learned that Tuwei model is an aluminum alloy prototype manufacturer that has been operating for 18 years! The production process and equipment are very complete! There are also five axis machine accuracy up to positive and negative 0. 02 or so! There are countless prototype types that have been done! Mr. Xiang is convinced of the strength of the extension model!

then the order was placed! After five days of making the prototype model, it was packed and sent to Mr. Xiang! After seeing it to the boss, I was very satisfied. I am currently seeing a very good quality one! Still a partner so far! The extension model is a very good aluminum alloy prototype factory. If you need it, you can contact the extension model!

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