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Prototype manufacturers in Wuhan-Good service attitude

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-07- 29 11: 45

The service attitude of an Enterprise often determines the pattern of the enterprise! Impression is very important. If you are interested in understanding a company, the service attitude is in front of the game! The same is true of the prototype model industry. If you want to find a prototype manufacturer in Wuhan, the service attitude is the premise of deciding whether you are interested in cooperation!

few days ago, a Miss Chen searched through the network'Prototype factory in Wuhan'Found the website of the extension model! After a review, launched an online consultation! After Miss Chen left some basic information, the customer service found that the lady had been looking for the extension model several times before, and still consulted the customer service on Alibaba! Have worked together twice! This time I will find the extension model to cooperate!

after assigning Miss Chen to a very business in Wuhan prototype factory chen Gong of ability, chen Gong plus Miss Chen's contact information, and some sample proofing drawings that Miss Chen needs to make before the extension model! Because of the cooperation several times, but Miss Chen has not been to the Tuwei model for on-the-spot inspection, so she warmly invited Miss Chen to visit the Tuwei model when she was free! Miss Chen agreed this time. In the process of prototype production, Chen Gong will tell Miss Chen what process the prototype has reached, what difficulties it has encountered, and what the solution is!

is also because of the one-stop service provided by the extension model, let Miss Chen feel that the products she needs are so touched by others! After that, I will introduce several customers to the extension model! If you also need to find such a responsible manufacturer, the extension model will be your good choice!

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