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Prototype Manufacturing Company, processing trip 2000

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-08- 08 16: 26

when making prototypes, most prototypes are made in some industries, and the prototypes to be made in some industries are relatively large, such as the medical industry, the aviation industry, etc. , at this time, you need to find a prototype manufacturing company with a large processing schedule. At present, most of the prototype factories have only about 1 m of processing itinerary, and they can only be disassembled when they encounter such large prototypes.

But is not the same in the extension model. As early as 2016, the extension model introduced a processing equipment with a processing range of 2000mm, the prototype with a size of less than 2000mm can be processed in the whole process. In this way, the firmness of the prototype is relatively strong and the appearance is exquisite. If it is disassembled to process, it will affect the strength of the prototype, and the performance is not as good as the prototype of the whole processing.

Shenzhen prototype manufacturer-- The CNC machining stroke of the extension model is 2000 on the x axis, 650 on the y axis and 600 on the z axis. If the prototype size is less than 2000mm and is not particularly complicated, the whole machining can be said to be so easy.

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