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Prototype mobile phone-Professional production quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-03- 28 17: 55

there are often customers who will consult online whether the extension model will make small pieces such as mobile phone prototypes. For these customers, they will pursue certain quality but the order price will be small. I thought the regular manufacturer would not help with the production. Please let everyone know this time. The vision of the extension model is to build a global leading brand of high-quality prototypes. As long as it is a extension model for customer needs, it can be made for you.

has helped customers around the world to make mobile phone prototypes. 17 years of experience and excellent reputation have occupied most of the market in the industry. The trust and love of customers is a strong support for the development of Tuowei. During this period, in order to give back to the new and old customers.

provide you with three-dimensional precision detection service free of charge. You only need to send the freight to the extension. There will be professional QC colleagues who will use the three-dimensional precision detection equipment to test your mobile phone prototype. To make a report, this service is difficult to provide in small factories, let alone free. You are welcome to contact Tuowei at any time if you need it.

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