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Prototype mold factory-CNC machining process up to 2 m

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-12- 19 11: 06

Mr. Tang of Shenzhen searched'Prototype mold factory' After contacting Tuwei model, customer service Xiao Zhu communicated and gave the contact information to Zheng Gong, who immediately contacted Mr. Tang and learned that Mr. Tang was a mold factory, there are many customer resources, but the product structure is more complicated, and the materials are also plastic and insulating materials for special engineering.

zheng gong added Mr. Tang WeChat, asked him for the drawings. He said he asked a lot of prototype mold factories. They can't buy or process such a large prototype. Zheng Gong sent him a brief introduction to our company's technical processing, and told him how long the CNC machine tool of the extension model is 2 m. Zheng Gong also opened the 3D software and found that this drawing was really difficult to do and could not be disassembled, so he went to ask the project manager, the supervisor of programming and CNC, and learned some plans, and describe the processing steps and methods of this prototype to Mr. Tang in detail.

Mr. Tang was very happy after listening, I feel that tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. has met a prototype mold factory with patience and service, and has not only asked zheng gong to make a contract, but also made an advance payment. After receiving his advance payment, the extension model began to list immediately.

It took almost five full days, after the prototype was produced, zheng Gong took photos to confirm to the customer. The customer confirmed that the quantity was correct, and then packaged and sent it to the customer. After receiving the product, the customer felt very satisfied. He repeatedly praised the quality of tuowei, believing that tuowei model is a prototype mold factory worthy of cooperation, and will also hand over the follow-up orders to tuowei model.

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