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Prototype processing plant-Look at the factory shuttle

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-08- 10 11: 58

many customers want to find a prototype manufacturer to make a prototype, rather than choose a middleman, because choosing a middleman is not only expensive, at the same time, the quality is not guaranteed, so it is particularly distressing. When you are struggling to find your favorite prototype factory, look at the extension model.

prototype processing manufacturer-- Since 18 years of prototype customization, tuowei model has successfully customized prototypes for 3000 customers and won the'High-tech enterprises' The title has been recognized by many well-known customers such as BYD, Jingdong, Gree and so on. The quality is more reliable and has not received any complaints. In terms of prototype appearance processing, it has made great efforts to not only hire the us cto as the technical director, but also set up a dust-free workshop. The quality of the prototype has been unanimously recognized by many customers.

The extension model depends on the trust and support of customers. in the fierce market competition, these are mainly due to the machining accuracy of the prototype and the good post-processing effect? Friends who have questions about the prototype processing manufacturer welcome to visit the factory. When you arrive at Baoan airport, you will have a corresponding special car to pick up and drop off.

If you want to find a reliable prototype processing factory, you might as well contact the extension model, not only will there be advantages in terms of price, but also there will be a special car transfer when you look at the factory.

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