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Prototype production and processing-The accuracy is 0. 03mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2019-06- 27 17: 30

crafted items have been very popular since ancient times! This also causes the price to be expensive! The same is true for prototyping. refined product always attracts people's attention! Although the big company will flourish as long as it finds the formal prototype factory. But what about a small company that just started?

In fact, even if it is a small company, The Development Foundation is not stable, but as long as you find the right prototype processing factory, you can still pass the dangerous period! Just like a month ago, a Mr. Xu found the tuowei model and wanted to make metal parts. The accuracy requirement was about 0. 03, and the difficulty was certain!

Mr. Xu's company is a small company, it is impossible to get a lot at once! Mr. Xu said that he had found a prototype production factory before. Fortunately, he only got a few sets, otherwise he would lose money! However, because this time I am looking for a regular manufacturer, I have also seen the processing methods and samples of the extension model. So all of them have been made for the extension model!

when the shipment arrived, after Mr. Xu received the prototype, very satisfied with the surface effect of the prototype, the accuracy is also very suitable! Moreover, it is precisely because of this prototype production and processing of the extension model that their products are on the way up in this sales! For Mr. Xu's recognition, the extension model will always adhere to its own concept!

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