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Robotic touch: Researchers develop a new way to print bionic skin

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
3D printer manufactured by the University of Minnesota in the United States can print touch sensors on the hands of the model.
Scientists have developed a \"revolutionary\" new 3D printing technology that can print electronic products directly on human skin. one-of-a-
3D printer manufactured by the University of Minnesota in the United States can print touch sensors on the hands of the model.
\"While we haven\'t printed on human skin yet, we are able to use our technology to print on the surface of the model hand,\" said Michael McAlpine, associate professor at the University of Minnesota . \".
\"We also connect the printing device to the skin and are surprised that the device is so sensitive that it can detect your pulse in real time,\" McAlpine said . \".
Eventually, wearable technology can be used for health monitoring or for soldiers on the battlefield to detect hazardous chemicals or explosives, the researchers said.
McAlpine and his team use a unique Sensing fabric --of-a-
The 3D printer they made in the lab.
The multi-function printer has four nozzles to print a variety of dedicated \"inks\" that make up the layer of the device\"
Base layer of silicone, top and bottom electrode made of conductive ink, coil
The molded pressure sensor, as well as the sacrifice layer that keeps the top layer in place when set up.
In the final manufacturing process, the sacrifice layer of the support will be washed away.
All \"ink\" layers used in flexible sensors can be set at room temperature.
Traditional 3D printing using liquid plastic is too hot, too hard to be used on the skin.
These flexible 3D printing sensors stretch to three times the original size.
\"This is a completely new electronic 3D printing method,\" said McAlpine, lead researcher for the study, published in the journal Advanced Materials.
\"We have a multi-functional printer that can print several layers to make these flexible sensory devices.
\"This may allow us to go in multiple directions from health monitoring to energy collection to chemical sensing,\" added McAlpine . \".
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