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tech q&a: pc security, 3d printing, laptop backups and more

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
Test the security of your computer
I read a tip on your website called \"5 ways to hack you and how to beat them.
\"I have security software on my computer.
How do I know it really works? A.
This is a good question.
First, download the free Microsoft security baseline analyzer.
It checks the latest security updates and weaknesses set up in your Windows system.
It\'s also very important to keep your browser and pluginsins updated.
Check here if your browser is OK.
You haven\'t finished yet.
To be on the safe side, click here to make sure your firewall doesn\'t let hackers sneak in.
Introduction to 3D printing.
I\'m crazy about 3D printing.
It sounds like the technology I want to try.
Is home still practical? A.
The price of the home 3D printer is actually getting more affordable, depending on the model and what can be printed, the price ranges from $300 to $2,000.
Makerbot, XYZprinting and Dremel are popular manufacturers.
Whether the printer is really useful depends on you and your imagination.
You can make all kinds of objects with them, from toys to artificial limbs.
Click here to learn how to choose the right printer, the software you need and examples of what you can do at home.
Is the backup over? Q.
I need to replace my 5-year-
Old laptop with new notebook.
I noticed that some new laptops are solid.
Hard disk status.
The salesman said these were very reliable.
If I get the SSD does that mean I don\'t need a backup anymore? A.
SSDs are faster, more energy efficient, and more difficult to break through compared to traditional hard drives, but don\'t think it\'s getting you off the back-up hook.
Manufacturing defects, power surges, theft, or natural disasters can cost your data.
You still need to back up your photos, music, business files and other files in another place to make sure they are safe.
However, it is good to buy SSD.
For more information on how SSDs work and why you want to use SSDs in your next computer, click here.
The best financial app for FamiliesQ.
I want to teach my child the knowledge of money.
Is there a financial app that can help them make a budget and keep track of spending? A.
My son and I went through the same thing and I found it helpful to have some apps.
Good budget for families (Android, Apple; free)
A good starting point.
It creates virtual envelopes for groceries, gas, spending money, money for kids, etc.
You can see at a glance how much money is left in each envelope.
Goodudget syncs this information to multiple gadgets so everyone in the family can be on the same page.
Click here to view other financial apps, track spending and keep an eye on your credit score.
Market without losing money.
I am thinking about taking part in my tax refund and putting it into the stock market.
I don\'t want to lose money to figure out what I\'m doing.
Is there a way to \"test-
Driving the stock market? A.
There are a lot of stock market simulators that can give you fake money for you to do virtual trading so you can get your feet wet without taking a shower. TradeHero (Android, Apple; free)
For example, give you $100,000 to invest in a virtual stock portfolio and extract the real
Time data from 22 global exchanges.
If you want more gameslike, Invstr (Android, Apple; free)
Let you chat with other investors and play more than 200 markets-
Help improve your trading skills based on the game.
Click here to learn more about the apps that help you understand the stock market and some tips for the future.
Reward: remove private information from photosQ.
When you\'re talking to a woman who\'s been tracked online by her ex-boyfriend, I saw your national radio show.
You told her to remove hidden information, such as GPS location data, from a smartphone photo.
How can I make sure that this information is gone before I post photos online? A.
Fortunately, most social networks remove location data from photos when they upload them.
But if you post on the photo
Keep the information on a shared website or share it directly to a personal website.
Before uploading with an app like Pixelgarde, you can check your smartphone photos and delete the information.
On the computer, XnView can quickly display which photos contain this information and delete it from multiple photos at a time.
It\'s not just photos, though.
By reading this on my website, learn about 5 terrible ways to get you crawling online.
On the country\'s largest weekend radio talk Show, Kim komshow Show, Kim answered the phone and spoke about today\'s digital lifestyle (from smartphones and tablets to online privacy and data hacking)
For her daily tips, free newsletters, etc, please visit her website at Komando. com.
Kim also released 24/7 of the technology news on the news. Komando. com.
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