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the 3d printer designed to ‘print’ food on show in las vegas

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
3D food anyone? . . .
On January 4, 2015, at a press conference held at 2015 International CES Mandalay Bay Convention Center, a XYZprinting 3D food printer presented the design of chocolate biscuits on a piece of bread, Nevada.
Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Image resource: I would like a cookie with your name on it?
In the future, you can feed the dough and chocolate into the machine, upload digital instructions, and print yourself a personalized cookie ready to put in the oven.
It will be made by a 3D printer designed to \"print\" food, and can also handle cake decoration and even pizza.
The innovation, presented today at Las Vegas\'s Consumer Electronics Show, is a new innovation that will be launched later this year at the lowest dollar price.
XYZ, as expected, the XYZ 3D food printer has attracted quite a few people in an area known for its plastic ornaments.
Gary Shu, senior manager of market development, said two models of food printers are under development, including a business model that can make items using three ingredients, and one that uses only two ingredients
A new way to make food. . .
Featuring a XYZprinting 3D food printer, a chocolate biscuit design is placed on a piece of bread.
Image source: Ethan Miller/Getty imagesssource: AFPBakers will load ingredients such as flour
According to the cake dough, put it into the tube of the machine.
Other ingredients may include chocolate or jam, he said.
You then need to upload the digital design to the machine and follow these instructions the printer will create the design.
Mr. Shu said that 3D food printing is convenient in both home and business environments.
\"We are still exploring the business model, but at the bakery they can use it to print seasonal information on the cake or customize it for birthdays,\" said Mr Shu . \".
There have been new changes in food. . .
The chocolate design produced by XYZprinting 3D food printer is presented at 2015 International CES press conference held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.
Picture: AFP Miller/Getty ImagesSource: AFP \"family use, you can personalize birthday party cookies, or make Mickey Mouse cookies one day and Hello Kitty cookies the next day.
\"Printed food on display includes heart-shaped pizza, men-
Decorated with cookies and cakes in shape.
Mr. Shu said that Taiwanese companies will launch these two models in the second half of this year. The price of the household model is US1399 US dollars, and the price of the commercial model is lower than us2000 US dollars.
The 3D food printer is one of the many 3D printers on display at Las Vegas CES this year.
After working together at the end of last year, MakerBot, the leading 3D printing company, also showed the printed Martha Stewart cookware, including a prototype version of the pots, trays, cake stands and cups.
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