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The county magistrate of Anwei Guangde county visited the extension model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2017-09- 04 14: 42

On April 13, 2017, Chen Hongying, county magistrate of Guangde county, Anhui province, visited our company for a total of 6 people, ms. Wang Tiemei, director of tuowei model, warmly received them and took them to visit the company's production department.

during the visit, many prototype model samples of large robots were arranged in the polishing department, all of these shocked Chen Hongying county magistrate. However, what surprised her was the scale of the extension model. In her impression, the prototype factory was relatively small and it was good to have 10 devices, prototype factories with 50 or 60 units are rarely seen.

next, director Wang held a discussion with them in the company's conference room. First, the director of our company gave a welcome speech and introduced the company's basic situation and future development plan to the guests. After the introduction, Chen County magistrate highly praised the efforts made by our company for its rapid development in recent years, and affirmed the strength and development speed of the extension model, then it introduces the investment environment of Guangde County and the government's support policies for attracting investment, and welcomes the extension model to invest in Guangde County.

after the symposium, director Wang and director Chen Hongying (Third left) group photo was taken at the front desk. The inspection ended in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. I believe that soon after, the Tuowei model will set up a branch in Anwei, and then Anwei's customers will not have to work so hard to see the factory, and the delivery speed will be very fast.

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