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the mixtape is updated for the 21st century via 3d printers

by:Tuowei     2019-08-26
I was born in my 80 s/90 s and it was too late to really appreciate the casset tape.
I have been more or less a CD type person since my youngest.
It\'s a bit sad because I \'ve never experienced the joy of giving or receiving mixed tapes.
Thanks to the emergence of mainstream 3D printing technology, I may still have a chance.
MakerBot is the introduction of this technology to mainstream 3D printers, and now they have instructions on how to make their own 3D print mixtape MP3 player on their website.
At a low price of $25, when you create the rest using Makerbot, they send you a kit that includes the electronic equipment needed to mix the tape.
If you do not have a 3D printer, the excellent staff of MakerBot will also serve you.
For the price of $39 which is still very low, they will send you a pre-
Hybrid tape printed in 3D.
On top of that, there is no difference between the two hybrid tapes.
They all feature 2 gb of memory, 4 hour battery life, and a standard headphone jack.
Of course, it seems silly for those of us who have smartphones and iPods because they have several gigabytes of music storage.
This is not the point.
In general, MakerBot and 3D printing are perfect to relive old memories by printing something that is not made by anyone.
Now let MakerBot Mixtape ads melt your heart with its nostalgic goodness.
I have long for what I am
Existing mixed tape
Full of childhood.
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