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The most commonly used ABS material for prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2014-08- 11 09: 10

we usually process under the prototype, also known as engraving or engraving. However, many people's actions do not have a clear idea. They always feel that their hands want to compare finished products. As we all know, finished products are open injection molding methods for steel molds and materials with very high steel costs, it is very good to use and spray raw materials, so this comparison cannot be used.

in order to achieve the purpose of verifying the rationality of product design, we sometimes need to remove parts and process them, relying only on engraving and milling of two faces, can not meet the requirements of product structure. After unpacking, it needs to be bonded, and then polished and colored. However, some products need wear resistance, such as bearings and gears. In order to meet the requirements of wear resistance, we need to use the prototype material.

The problem arises here. The material of the match is not bonded to the glue. Once it is opened, it cannot be bonded, we can only change the material. That's ABS. The strength of ABS material has been widely used in the prototype industry. In particular, the first board of CNC machining, ABS uses a range of about 80%. It can be disassembled and processed at will, and the strength after bonding will not be greatly affected. This is a big reason why ABS material is popular in the plastic prototype product processing industry!

ABS prototypes are one of the most common prototypes, accounting for about 80% of the total number of prototypes. This is because ABS is a better engineering plastic, and the strength can meet the needs of all kinds of prototype processing. For example, test function, polishing and coloring. It is easier to Polish ABS material, and the smoothness of the surface is also guaranteed. Generally, the surface color and silk screen are required after the prototype is made. The surface viscosity is better and cannot be too slippery. Otherwise, if you don't stick glue, it will be difficult to spray silk screen!

many customers will ask our manufacturers to Polish and spray ash on the surface after making the prototype, which is often seen in plastic prototypes, the purpose is to polish the burrs, knife marks, and some defects that cannot be clearly seen by the naked eye, but they are not very smooth to touch!

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