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The use of prototype models and the role of polishing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2015-03- 13 09: 23

The prototype model is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product and the most direct and effective way to find out the product design defects, therefore, the defects are improved in a targeted manner until there is no problem with the prototype model. It is usually necessary to carry out small batch re-mold testing, investment promotion and even test the assembly difficulty of the product in mass production in the future.

main purpose:

1. Appearance prototype: it is mainly used to analyze and judge the feasibility of mass production process such as product appearance size, color matching, material matching, cost evaluation, market research, exhibition and exhibition.

2. Structural prototype: it is mainly used for cooperation between internal assembly structures of products, material strength analysis, performance testing, cost evaluation, new product investment promotion, etc. , thus greatly reducing the risk of direct mold opening.

3. Vacuum re-molding: it is mainly used for various performance testing of small batch new products, further improving the feasibility of mass production of new products, and can also be used for new product investment.

The grinding process mainly has three major roles:

(1) For the substrate is to remove burrs on the surface of the base material, such as oil pollution dust

(2) For the surface of scraping putty, the general surface is rough and needs to be obtained through sand grinding, so polishing can reduce the roughness of the surface of the workpiece:

(3)Enhance the adhesion of the coating. Before spraying the new paint film, it is generally necessary to polish the old paint film layer after drying. Because the coating has poor adhesion on the excessive smooth surface, the mechanical adhesion of the coating can be enhanced after polishing.

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