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Three analysis indicators of processing plastic prototype mobile phone model technology in 2012

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2014-07- 10 12: 09

Three analysis indicators of the process of processing plastic prototype mobile phone model in 2012 1. Prototype Model plastic parts analysis the shell of the mobile phone is becoming more and more compact and exquisite, the surface design is very streamlined, and the coordination requirements between the parts of the structural prototype are very strict, therefore, the accuracy requirements of various aspects of the shell and other bone positions are getting higher and higher, especially when it comes to matching parts. The simplest way to detect the appearance prototype is to look at the gap between the main components; Analysis of the specific processing technology of plastic parts. For the plastic shell of the prototype model, we generally use ABS plates, and the lenses are made of silicone acrylic plates. For those who require that the bone position buckle position is not easy to break, we use PC plates; The drawings received by the prototype factory generally have :. GS /. STP /. STL /. PRT /. X-T /. Dwg. 2. CNC programming selects different software programming according to the requirements of 3D graphics and drawing files. Generally, we use proe and solidworks software to disassemble the drawings and program with mastercam and powermill. mastercam is a more traditional programming software, it is relatively simple and practical to use, and the processing of mobile phones, chassis and carving products with some straight rules is in place, and the effect is quite good. What we are analyzing now is the prototype of the mobile phone structure. Generally, there is a part list that does not need to be disassembled. It can be programmed directly and processed; 3. CNC machining method: Generally, the upper and lower sides of the workpiece are processed. Under special circumstances, the workpiece will be processed on three sides, four sides, five sides or six sides. In the process of processing, we will (Workpiece) Keep the glue on the side basket and use the side basket to pull the bone to the product (Workpiece)Fixed, pouring gypsum to products (Workpiece)Positioning, processing products (Workpiece) And CNC worktop will not have a bonding effect, better guarantee the processed products (Workpiece)No deformation and product (Workpiece)The material level is accurate. The processing of this mobile phone structural part is relatively simple, and there is no need for reverse Positioning. Generally, the processing side is OK.

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