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Tianjin prototype factory-Go all out to finish task

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-03- 19 11: 03

some time ago, a Liao Xiansheng searched for'Tianjin prototype factory' Immediately found the information of tuowei model company on the homepage. Dialed the customer service phone. After a short inquiry, I went to Mr. Liao's contact number. Then transferred to Miss Xin of the business department. Their company is a machine deliverer and often requires a large number of prototype models to do experiments. It is because they often need a lot of prototype models to do experiments, so they become customers who compete in the prototype factory.

They were originally working with a business, however, after cooperating for too many years, it was clear how their products were, so I wanted to change the Tianjin prototype factory to cooperate this time, so I found the extension model company. So the next day, I came to visit the Tuwei model. Miss Xin, the salesman, immediately hosted the gentleman. After a long period of communication, it was learned that Tuowei has 55 cnc equipment, high-precision five-axis machining and 3D printers. The accuracy of the five-axis machine is what their company needs. After that, Miss Xin took Mr. Liao to the workshop to visit and watch the production process. Mr. Liao regrets that there are not many large-scale manufacturers in the prototype industry, most of which are mainly small workshops.

after the visit, Mr. Liao decided to place an order, and paid the full amount. Sent the drawings made by their company. Engineers and technical directors began to explore how they could do better and faster. After the discussion, construction began. After five days. The prototype is complete. After Miss Xin passed the photo to Mr. Liao, Mr. Liao was very surprised. And praised, I didn't expect to change a Tianjin prototype factory, which will bring me such a big surprise, and decided to cooperate with Tuwei model company next time.

Thank you very much for Mr. Liao's trust, for every customer, the employees of Tuowei will go all out to complete the tasks assigned by the customers! If you want to change different patterns and find a new Tianjin prototype factory to cooperate, you can try the extension model!

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