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Xixiang prototype model production can be shipped in three days quickly

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-10- 31 18: 31

In the process of prototype production, I believe that the delivery period is definitely a problem that customers are very concerned about. Most small factories are short of production scale. It is difficult to complete the production within the delivery period. Not small losses to customers participating in the exhibition or research and development. This is not a customer of Xixiang prototype model today. Because I chose a small factory to do it because of the cheap price, I missed the exhibition. Thus scrapping this prototype model.

This selection works with us, giving priority to our 6000 square meters factory building and 55 CNC machining equipment. As well as multiple five-axis processing machines, we learned during the negotiation that this production is needed for participation. This Xixiang prototype model, the customer can be assured to find us.

This is because the plant has hundreds of production and processing teams. The five-axis processing machine can be processed efficiently, and the three-axis machine cannot be processed. Or high precision that can't be achieved. Problems such as complex structure. Can solve the big savings. Manual post processing time. After learning this. The prototype model of Xixiang has the intention to cooperate with us for a long time.

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