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Zhongshan prototype processing plant-Oil injection does not fade

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-01- 10 12: 00

when most enterprises develop new products, they will first find a prototype factory to make a prototype to verify whether the design is wrong, A few days ago, when a customer searched for Zhongshan's prototype processing through Baidu, he saw the information of Tuowei and contacted Tuowei's customer service, indicating that a product needs to be made a prototype to verify it.

The customer looked for the Zhongshan prototype processing factory to do it before, however, because it is relatively small to start to find the prototype factory, and then the fuel injection technology is not very good, it will fade and have spots. So I thought of finding a more powerful prototype factory on the internet. The customer learned that Taowei has the US CTO to guide the fuel injection and dust-free workshop and decided to look at it. Later, the customer sent the drawings to the business manager. After the accurate evaluation of tuowei's engineers and the us cto, a reasonable quotation and processing plan was given. The customer was very satisfied and placed the order.

A few days later, the customer received the prototype model sent by the extension model, which is good in accuracy. At the same time, the paint emitted has a small color difference, which looks almost exactly the same as the design on the drawing. The customer is very satisfied with this, gave 32 likes. If you also want to find a prototype factory in Zhongshan that does not drop color, you may wish to look at the extension model.

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