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6 hilarious ways scientists are solving life\'s mysteries

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
In science, cold and practical logic is the king.
One of the Kings doesn\'t care how many lab rats might die in order to get the perfect shampoo/conditioner combination.
But sometimes it\'s not always enough to follow a proven, real scientific approach.
Scientists need to be creative to find answers to the mysteries of life.
The so-called \"creativity\", we mean that it usually takes three to make logically-
Molly BendFor example . . .
Repair the damaged heart tissue. . . Spinach?
Science can be a fickle mistress.
We can put a person on the moon or grow up, but when our heart is no longer beating, we can\'t get the blood to where it needs it.
Until recently, that is, when scientists realize that they only need to listen to mom\'s advice on how to stay healthy: eat some green vegetables on you.
The regenerative tissue is so cumbersome that none of our best 3D printers can successfully build a capillary system.
But you know what? Spinach!
Its network of veins is surprisingly similar, covering only annoying green plants.
So the scientists removed all the plant cells, took the remaining cellulose skeleton and, together with some human heart cells, managed to create a surprisingly effective path to health.
But why stop there?
Ideally, we can involve the entire vegetable garden in repairing our failed flesh.
Scientists have also succeeded in stripping parsley and other backyard herbs, which they speculate may have an effect on the lung tissue.
This means that in the future we will eventually become more plant-like than humans. -
Especially once we start going to cell cucumbers.
To learn more about dinosaurs, scientists are fiddling with the roadyear-
The old skull could not accurately talk about the good times of the past, and biologists had to do creative research on dinosaur research.
The road kill came in from here.
Since modern coastal flood plains are different from the areas where these extinct monsters live, the species currently living there are of great value to ancient biologists.
When we say \"live\" species, we actually mean dead species. Paleo-
Biologists rummaged around these bodies, identified the isotopes found in their last meal, and compared them with the isotopes they found in dinosaur teeth ().
This gave them a window to learn about the past, thanks to the hard work of the shovel --
Ar fish and crocodile beheading.
But getting a specimen is a challenge, including meat that rot around the Sun --
Highway accident
Tom Cullen at the Chicago Field Museum said: \"The first few people were really disgusting . \"
Looking for samples in the loveranna state swamp
\"But we become numb.
\"It may be great for paleontology, but it is not very good for their social status because of the paleontology
Biologists are developing a well.
It\'s a well-deserved reputation for randomly picking up dead things and \"eagerly\" braving maggots and corpse cheese \"to fiddle with furry casualties on the road.
4 playing Didgeridoo stop snoring is caused by something that hinders your air movement, most likely (
The scary thing is)
Your own airline is temporarily paralyzed.
To help them breathe, heavy snorers and sleep apnoea patients need the help of a ventilator that makes you look like playing Darth Vader in a medically induced coma.
But those loud, clunky devices can solve as many problems as possible, so the doctor finds an alternative to tying himself to a very clumsy machine: tying himself to a very clumsy one
A 2006 study shows that playing the Internet can effectively treat moderate sleep suspension, greatly reducing the daytime drowsiness of you and your sleeping partner ---
Not only because you make everyone nervous about your constant preaching.
So the third one-
Can the worst instrument improve your health?
Because it\'s too big to play, practitioners need to learn a technique called circular breathing that allows them to breathe in through their nose while breathing out through their cheeks and mouth.
This breathing magic allows didgeridoo players to maintain sound production, and researchers have found that it also makes it harder for them to crash, which in turn makes it harder for you to see logs during sleep.
In fact, learning to play didgeridoo is a good way to stop snoring and has developed specialized medical teaching to maximize the effectiveness of fighting sleep apnea.
There is no better excuse than the note from the music doctor to give you all the angry neighbors.
The singing mouse is the key to better language therapy, the singing mouse, such as the talking chandelier and the roaring Lucky Dragon, usually only appear in Disney movies to help the Princess retrieve their
But here\'s a surprise: Not only are they as real and lovely as pumpkins, but their singing may also be the key to unlocking the mysteries of human language.
Scientists have developed a strong interest in the treatment of these mice.
Species discussed ,(
Also known as Alstom\'s singing mouse)
From Central America, you can play 100 unique notes and duets. And these jug-
The feeling of the ear is also working.
When imprisoned, the mice are described as \"divas\" who need a larger aquarium, a special diet, and may carry a rider who prohibits roadies from eye contact.
However, their backand-
When they get hot on Broadway, faith is not just practicing.
This is probably the first known non.
Human Mammal dialogue
Mice sing to each other knowing when it\'s their turn, and their songs change as they hear them.
A dedicated research team at New York University\'s School of Medicine and the University of Texas at Austin found a \"sound coordination center \".
\"Patching of these pathways may lead to findings that help those who have communication problems due to autism or stroke.
Don\'t imagine some cold scientists dissect a lovely singing mouse for it.
2 speeding is a good way to diagnose appendtistisno, no longer only good for reducing the number of nearby Midnight racing cars, it turns out that speed bumps are a completely different life-saving straw.
A group of researchers at the University of Oxford found that they were almost a foolproof method.
Now encourage the doctor to ask if the patient is surprised when speeding, because doing so will bring very specific vibration to your body. -
An inflamed appendix is happy to rock your world with pain.
The analysis of this study showed that more than nine pain bumps in ten times meant that subjects did have acute blind appendicitis.
So if you have a feeling of severe abdominal pain, go to school and drive near the parking lot.
Or wait, no, call the hospital.
It makes more sense.
Thomas D, a Cornell University biologist, said bees were the most effective algorithm in the 1980 s.
Seeley is trying to figure out how the bee colonies are so good at coordinating them to find nectar in the wild.
He realized that in order to maximize efficiency, the hive had the scout bees out to assess possible bonanzas.
When they get paid
Sugar, a Scout flew back and recruited feeding bees by dancing the little swing dance we all learned in elementary school. That back-and-
Keep going until Scout no longer has a reason to be all
On this discovery, no more seekers were sent out at this point. . .
At least, before another bee comes in to perform the \"dance queen\" for them.
After finally gaining due recognition, the bee algorithm is not just a way to squeeze the last bit of advertising nectar out of Facebook. The self-
Since then, researchers have cited the organizational system more than 230 times, and they use it to study everything from optimal fuel utility to workload balancing to energy use.
It\'s really the bee\'s knee. (
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