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Dongguan prototype model manufacturers-Exquisite production

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-07- 27 09: 40

In November, when Mr. Li, a customer from Dongguan, searched for a prototype model manufacturer in Dongguan through Baidu, he browsed several pages, found that the strength of the extension model is quite good, so I got in touch with the business Huang Gong.

Huang Gong learned in the process of communicating with Mr. Li, the customer, it is necessary to customize a sound prototype. They have also found other Dongguan prototype model manufacturers to prototype before, but the effect is not very ideal, and the accuracy does not reach the effect they want, at the same time, the appearance treatment effect is very poor, the color is not accurate and the paint is easy to drop. If such a prototype is taken to the exhibition, it will not play a propaganda role, so they want to change a new supplier. Since I have cooperated with other manufacturers before, the appearance of the prototype is always reworked and affected, and I have concerns. I ask the extension model to show her the prototype effect we made before I can arrange the order.

The project manager finds out the finished product picture made to the customer in the previous few years. customer, mr. Li saw the picture and the project manager made a detailed prototype, and decided to sign a contract and confidential agreement with the extension model. few days later, the prototype was completed, and after passing the QC test, sent to Mr. Li by SF Express, Mr. Li received the prototype the next day. After some observation, he felt that the prototype was exquisite. Mr. Li has also customized the prototype in the extension model many times.

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