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hair on demand: researchers create 3d-printed fur

by:Tuowei     2019-08-13
3D printers are not only used to make small, rigid plastic models --
Now, these statues can be long, flowing, 3D. printed locks.
Researchers have developed software and a new technology to create 3D-
Printed hair or hair
Like a structure, it can be used in various forms and functions.
In addition to the aesthetic appeal of a single hair, 3D-
The printed version can be used to connect, move, and even perceive other objects.
\"While it is the same material, you can move its stiffness from toothbrush bristles to synthetic hair or fur,\" said Jifei Ou, lead author of the study, A graduate student at the MIT Tangible Media Group.
This project, called Cilllia, was presented at the CHI meeting of the Computing Machinery Association, which discussed human factors in the computing system. [
10 most strange things created by 3D printing]
\"Cilllia\'s goal is not to copy the hair, but to look at the function of the hair,\" Ou told Live Science . \".
In nature, hair has many structures and has many uses such as keeping warm, protecting the body, perception or movement.
After developing the new printing technology, Ou and his colleagues began to try their own different applications.
They found that by controlling the direction of the hair, they could provide a pair of surface adhesives like Velcro.
By vibrating the hair, the same mass of tilt and direction can induce and control the movement of objects placed on the printed surface.
Ou said that designers can design a piece of fur to guide the movement of the object on the surface, moving the object only to a certain weight by changing the frequency of the vibration source.
Results, 3D-
He added that printing fur may be part of a system that automatically classifies small objects by weight.
The researchers also created a model in the form of a toy rabbit to illustrate how artificial hair can be used as a sensory tool.
When the current rear stroke, the microphone embedded in the rabbit receives the signal, and the rabbit lights up green.
But when rubbing in a \"wrong\" way, the fur sounds different and the rabbit flashes red.
The hair is made with a stereo printing printer that exposes a portion of the resin liquid volume to UV light (UV)
Light, hardened into finished products.
The MIT team has a second motivation;
One shared by other researchers.
\"Our main concern is how to expand the types of objects you can print,\" said Gierad Laput, a graduate student of human studies.
At the Institute of Computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, he did not participate in research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Laput led a research team and developed a different 3D production technology
He printed his hair on a cheaper, more ordinary machine than a glue gun.
Laput and his colleagues presented their process at the acm ui software and technology workshop in November 2015techniques]
\"There are advantages and disadvantages,\" Laput told Live Science . \".
For example, he said they used so-
Modeling known as molten deposition can print more hair
Like, longer lines that can be manipulated in different ways, like weaving.
On the other hand, stereo printing at MIT can print out finer details, making it possible for many researchers to propose applications.
\"There are a lot of good things to say about both projects, and I\'m happy to look at the progress that has been made in these areas,\" Laput said . \".
But despite the differences between technology and finished products, both Ou and Laput can agree on one thing: \"The main purpose of this process is not to print wigs,\" Ou said, \"Because you can buy a wig if you want it.
\"It\'s really impractical to print a wig with these two techniques,\" Laput said . \".
\"They did not optimize for this. The wig-
The manufacturing industry is optimized for making wigs.
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